Delicious local raw honey!

May 271  -  Saturday - I'll be along 138th street but closer to Sandy Blvd. (rather than nearer Costco) from around 11:00 a.m. until around 3:p.m.  Look for the little white truck with the big yellow sign!

Please Note:  I no longer come down on Friday as parking is not available week days.

Eggs:   Sorry, no eggs this weekend - April 29/30.    We're still asking for your gently used egg cartons. I'd like to say thanks so much for helping support the ladies! Y'all are the absolute best!


> Blueberry - Very Limited - from 2016: Gearing up for the new season sometimes yields surprises as folks are organizing, we couldn't turn down a bit of last year's delicious blueberry! This delightful honey offers a lush experience that finishes on a fruity, note. Drizzle this over fresh apples, drizzle over pancakes, and enjoy it in your light teas.

> Raspberry - Bright fruit characteristics define this wonderful honey. Perk up a bowl of oatmeal or make a vinaigrette for tender greens. I love this stuff in fresh ginger-lemon tea.

> Wild Flower - This wild flower is from the peak of the season. The deep floral notes take your taste buds on a nice journey. Great in darker teas, coffee, drizzled over french toast, and excellent paired with peanut butter!

Stop for Honey!

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