Delicious local raw honey!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday - September 23, 24 and 25  you'll find me along the road by Costco by the bridge near Airport Way  (look for the little white truck with the big yellow sign!)  from around 11:00 a.m. until around 3:p.m.

Please Note: Friday - running 20-30 minutes late and I'm not sure what road conditions are at this time. My arrival may be as late as 11:30-12:pm. Apologies. I hope this does not inconvenience you.

Eggs!  I have gorgeous fresh eggs this weekend!  The tiny chicks I got in the spring are now big healthy hens and laying regularly.  This means we'll have 4-5 dozen most weeks.  They go quickly. I'm usually sold out on Saturday so if you're interested be sure to stop by very early in the weekend, 'kay?!

BTW, if you happen to have an egg carton or two lying around and are headed out to see me, would you bring me the cartons rather than toss them? I don't think bags of eggs is gonna' work out too well ;-) - Thanks!

> Blueberry - A light golden honey that offers a delightful fruit experience and finishes on a lush, fruity, note. Drizzle this over fresh fruit, yogurt, and enjoy it in your light teas.

> Wild Flower - This wild flower is from the peak of the season. The deep floral notes take your taste buds on a nice journey. Great in darker teas, coffee, drizzled over french toast, and excellent paired with peanut butter!


Pollen - Beautiful, fluffy, high quality pollen is available! To assure optimal nutritional value I purchase small batches of gently handled pollen that has been properly stored. Stop by and compare the difference between fresh and dry, shelf-stored pollen.

Stop for Honey!

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