Delicious local raw honey!

Saturday, and Sunday - June 25 and 26 - I'll be along the street by Costco (by the bridge near Airport Way - look for the little white truck with the big yellow sign!) from around 11:a.m. until around 3:p.m.

Raw Honey, Fresh Pollen, Honeycomb, Propolis and Royal Jelly

> Blueberry Clover - A delicate blend that's lightly fruity with subtle floral notes which add a nice depth of flavor. You'll find that this blend plays beautifully with just about everything. Stop by and try a sample!

> Raspberry - Bright fruit characteristics define this wonderful honey. Perk up a bowl of oatmeal or make a vinaigrette for tender greens. I love this stuff in fresh ginger-lemon tea.

> Wild Flower - This wild flower is from the peak of the season. The deep floral notes take your taste buds on a nice journey. Great in darker teas, coffee, drizzled over french toast, and excellent paired with peanut butter!

Honeycomb, Pollen, Propolis and Royal Jelly

Pollen - Beautiful, fluffy, high quality pollen is available! To assure optimal nutritional value I purchase small batches of gently handled pollen that has been properly stored. Stop by and compare the difference between fresh and dry, shelf-stored pollen.

Honeycomb - Currently sold out.

Propolis - Currently sold out.

Royal Jelly with Ginseng - Currently sold out.

Stop for Honey!

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