Delicious local raw honey!

Saturday and Sunday  -  December 10 and 11 - I'll be along 138th street but closer to Sandy Blvd. (rather than nearer Costco) from around 11:30 a.m. to 3:p.m.  Look for the little white truck with the big yellow sign!

Please Note:  I no longer come down on Friday as parking is no longer available week days.

Heads Up! If you have your heart set on giving honey as a gift this year I suggest you come see me this weekend as I may not make it back down until the weekend of the 31st. The weather forecast for the weekend of December 17 & 18 is calling for snow and temps of 32-34 degrees.

Eggs:  Just a dozen again this weekend. We continue to ask for donations of your gently used egg cartons.  BIG appreciation goes out to y'all that have been so kind as to drop 'em off in recent weeks! :-D

See ya' soon!

> Blueberry - This delightful honey offers a lush experience that finishes on a fruity, note. Drizzle this over fresh apples, drizzle over pancakes, and enjoy it in your light teas.

> Raspberry - Bright fruit characteristics define this wonderful honey. Perk up a bowl of oatmeal or make a vinaigrette for tender greens. I love this stuff in fresh ginger-lemon tea.

> Wild Flower - This wild flower is from the peak of the season. The deep floral notes take your taste buds on a nice journey. Great in darker teas, coffee, drizzled over french toast, and excellent paired with peanut butter!


Pollen - Beautiful, fluffy, high quality pollen is available! To assure optimal nutritional value I purchase small batches of local gently handled pollen. Delicious and nutritious!

Stop for Honey!

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